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Mommy & Me

a place to get together in a relaxing atmosphere

Our Mommy and Me program provides parents with young children (0-3 years) a place to get together in a relaxing atmosphere. Mothers, Fathers (or both) will enjoy socializing with other parents, as well as bonding with their young children through various, fun activities – snacks, food, and beverages provided.


COVE Sports, Teaching, Entertainment, & Recreation Service

This program provides social activities for growing minds and bodies – parties, networking with new friends, team activities, indoor crafts/games, and on-site/off-site events are just some of the exciting elements of this program. Do not forget your swim suit! We are always looking for wet and wacky thing to do – making memories to last a lifetime.

Nautica Teens

a place to socialize with friends

This program offers teens a place to socialize with friends, watch movies, play games, and hone in on their creative skills. We also enjoy group water sports, kayaking on our very own waterway, and fishing! Computers with monitored internet access are provided for school research and group activities, as well. Teens need special, social support during this period of their lives, and the Nautica Teens program is here to help.


We are excited to announce that our youth facility is now home to three programs. Ages 0-3, 4-12, and 13 and up. Our staff is dedicated to serving you and we will be offering a great variety of programs and activities. Come with a friend, or come alone and challenge our staff.

Pre-Registration is required for activities and events.

Our programs and activities include monthly themed activities, guest visits, and youth party packages.

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