The Club at Admirals Cove


The Club at Admirals Cove is a preeminent waterfront Country Club committed to providing members and their guests with exceptional service, comprehensive amenities, and the highest quality of programs and facilities within a unique sense of community.


The Club at Admirals Cove’s vision is to provide our members with a world-class membership experience.


Core Values
• Welcoming, friendly, and unpretentious culture
• Respect for diversity and individuality
• Importance of community
• Commitment to excellence

Leadership Values
• Stewardship of the Club as a perpetual entity
• Fiduciary leadership
• Financial accountability to the membership
• Fact-based decision making
• Open and honest communication
• Accountability to a long-range strategic action plan
• Integrity and professionalism in governance, management, and communication

Cultural Values
The cultural values embody the beliefs and standards that are the expression of member behavior, civility, harmony and decorum defining The Club at Admirals Cove way of life.
• Members treat each other and guests with respect, kindness, and civility.
• Members are respectful of staff and treat them as professionals.
• As brand owners and ambassadors, members contribute to the Club’s vitality and sustainability through the recruitment and welcoming of new members.
• The membership is committed to supporting the greater community with philanthropic initiatives through the Admirals Cove Foundation.


The Club at Admirals Cove will promote consistent financial policies intended to ensure the stability and fiscal health of the Club. These policies shall be guided by the “perpetual entity principal” and not by individual life expectancies. This requires views with a long-term horizon. Specifically, the Club should avoid decisions that improve cash flow in the near term and defer expenditures to future periods.

Management shall operate at optimal efficiency and effectiveness to meet all financial obligations, provide reliable financial information, and assure all assets are safeguarded. And all funds are spent prudently with oversight of the Finance Committee and the Board of Governors.