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Exclusive Private Country Club Membership


Admirals Cove Club is South Florida’s Distinguish Golf and Private Club

Feel what it's like to be part of our community. Admirals Cove boasts the ideal mix of natural beauty, world-class amenities, and a luxurious lifestyle. Here you'll find new and old friends, plenty of excitement, and a welcoming family-like group of people.

The Admirals Cove Country Club is a private, close-knit community. Embrace the air on your skin as you step out on the golf course, go fishing, enjoy the bright, vibrant hues of the Florida sunset, and watch your family enjoy all of the perks Admirals Cove has to offer.

Your country club membership includes all sorts of sports, activities, and events to enjoy.

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This Is Where You Belong

What is Being a Member Like?

From the moment the sun rises, our country club is ready for action. You'll have the choice to utilize your membership benefits however you would like. Your perfect day may consist of an afternoon tennis match and late lunch at one of our restaurants or waking up at the crack of dawn to fish for the first catch of the day. Maybe you want to broaden your social circle or use our top-quality fitness equipment?

Every day is different here. From sunrise to sunset, we work hard to make sure each moment at Admirals Cove is memorable. There is truly something for everyone here. Your country club membership is unique. Choose the one that works best with your lifestyle.

Amenities & Lifestyle

Admirals Cove combines modern luxuries with rustic, natural scenery. Your membership benefits allow you to partake in the fun activities, quality entertainment, and dine in our mouth-watering eateries with excellent service and delicious food.

Spend your day or evening at our professional on-site athletic courts, bring your family members to go swimming, or spend time with new and old friends - all while enjoying 5-star service in a stunning, natural setting.

Country Club Membership Cost

The Admiral's Cove country club membership costs will vary depending on which perks and amenities you want to enjoy. Whether you're into golfing, tennis, boating, or socializing, here's a breakdown of each membership tier to help you devise which is best for your lifestyle.

If you're an avid golfer, our Golf Membership will give you full use of the Club's facilities, including a sign-up privilege for golf and tennis reservations. The Legacy Golf Membership grants you full use of the Club's facilities and a 3-day sign-up privilege for golf starting times and tennis court reservations.

The Sports Membership will give you a 2-day sign-up privilege to reserve tennis courts and golf starting games. Tennis players enjoy the courts, swimming pool, fitness center, golf courses, and all the social activities the Club has to offer. Our Tennis Membership also includes a 3-day sign-up privilege to our world-class tennis courts.

Meet new people with our Social Membership as you enjoy all the perks of the fitness and social facilities of the Club. You'll also have access to our beautiful swimming pool, golf courses, and tennis facilities. Also, consider the Legacy Social Membership, where you can use all of the facilities of the Club with a limited license.

Finally, we have unique country club membership benefits for members who enjoy being out on the water. Our Marina Golf Membership and Marina Sport Membership requires an annual slip lease and docking fees. You'll gain access to the Club's facilities, including the tennis courts and golf courses.

If you're still unsure which membership is best for you, check out more details here.

Becoming a community

When you join our country club, you join a community of like-minded people. Experience what it's like to enjoy first-class service, luxurious amenities and socialize with new people who appreciate the same activities as you.

Find your next golfing buddy, tennis partner, or lunch date at Admirals Cove.

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