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This is where you belong

Admirals Cove is a private club, but even more than that, it’s a community. Here, members become lifelong friends, golfing and fishing buddies, tennis partners, and more. This close-knit camaraderie is something the club is careful to cultivate and preserve, much like the beautiful natural setting itself.

This is Admirals Cove. You can call it “home.”

This Is Where You Belong

Local area

Admirals Cove is located in Jupiter, Florida, the northernmost town in Palm Beach County. Beautiful and laid-back, Jupiter is boaters, retirees, and people who enjoy life at a more relaxed pace. Yet, it’s far from a rural setting, with urban delights like restaurants and high-quality entertainment, as well as an international airport all well within driving distance.

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Real estate

The community has its own on-site realtor in Admirals Cove Realty, which is responsible for approximately 80% of all property sales in Admirals Cove. Properties in both the eastern section, where the main clubhouse is located, and the western Golf Village section range in price from around $500K to several million dollars.

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